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BBGH Trustees given update on physician recruitment efforts

Box Butte General Hospital (BBGH) CEO Lori Mazanec, ACHE, gave the hospital’s Board of Trustees an update Monday evening, August 27, on recent activity pertaining to physician recruitment. She said the hospital has retained the services of Goldfish Partners of Plano, TX to help in those efforts. In comparing them to other recruitment services across the nation, their offerings were above the rest. “They guarantee retention of a candidate for 365 days or placement fee is refunded,” Ms. Mazanec said. “There is no retainer fee; no profile fee; no monthly fee and no per hour billings. What stands out is 88 percent of interviewing candidates receive offers from their clients. So that’s a 1:1.47 placement interview ratio. Our emphasis with them will be recruitment of two family physicians with a focus on OB to come to Alliance to complement Dr. Tim Narjes.” As far as the BBGH’s efforts to obtain a Hospitalist (a dedicated in-patient physician who works exclusively in a hospital), she said BBGH is partnering with Sidney Regional Medical Center, who has two Hospitalists they are entertaining, one of which is interested in BBGH. “Essentially what they would do is work the same shift, with one working here and the other working in Sidney,” Ms. Mazanec reported. A site visit is planned here August 30, and at Sidney August 31. She said the hospital is also looking at physician locum tenens coverage to facilitate Dr. Terri Myers transition out of OB, with the locum tenens being here to cover newly pregnant mothers needing that service.  She finished her report by mentioning that she, medical staff at both GNMSS and Alliance Family Medicine (AFM), executive staff, Dr. Tom Furman and BBHF Trustees hosted a dinner for a physician who recently completed his residency rotation with AFM. She and others who were at the dinner felt it went very well.  The physician will finish his residency in 2019.

The Trustees also conducted the following business.

The board congratulated Amy Nielson, Accounts Payable Clerk, for being named the August 2018 Employee of the Month. They also welcomed new employees Sara Gramberg, radiology tech; Alicia King, Nursing Assistant, and John Bergquist, Senior Maintenance Tech/Biomedical Equipment Tech.

After unanimously approving the consent calendar, Chief Quality Officer Mary Mockerman presented her quality management and safety report, focusing on highlights from the 2018 second quarter meeting summary of the Nebraska Coalition for Patient Safety. The highlights included self-assessment questions for hospitals to review to make sure they are meeting patient safety goals. A few of the topics included questions on cognitive impairment relative to patient falls; retained foreign object questions on policies for when to take equipment out of service, potential equipment malfunction reporting, standard procedures for surgical equipment maintenance, x-ray follow-up procedures, and teaching patients to follow up on medical/lab results; medication errors relating to staff having access to pharmacist on administering unfamiliar medications; Electronic Health Records (EHR) procedures for EHR downtime and downtime notifications; patient positioning (safe patient handling management) for the safety of both patients and staff; patient handoff procedures using standardized tools; emergency response protocols; unique considerations of sepsis in older adult patients; and healthcare support for staff who are involved in an adverse event, experiencing compassion fatigue, and burnout. Ms. Mockerman commented on BBGH competencies levels on the areas she highlighted, with most already having policy and best practices established.

After unanimously approving the preliminary June Financial Report and Ms. Mazanec’s update on physician recruitment, the Trustees were informed that BBGH has retained the services of internationally known motivational speaker and author Pete Smith to give three presentations to BBGH employees, medical staff, BBGH Trustees and BBHF Board members; two on Tuesday, Sept. 25, 10:00am and 4:00pm and one Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 8:00am. The presentations will be held at the AHS Performing Arts Center. Ms. Mazanec added that APS Superintendent Dr. Troy Unzicker plans to invite the district’s teachers to attend as well.

The importance of the Nebraska Hospital Association’s (NHA) Political Action Committee (PAC) was discussed, with Ms. Mazanec providing a PowerPoint on the NHA PAC mission of supporting political candidates and elected officials whose actions and voting records reflect an understanding and concern for hospital and health care issues. The presentation she provided is the annual NHA PAC’s appeal of Trustee/board members, executive, administrative and managerial personal of NHA members who are salaried (frontline employees who have no supervisory power cannot be solicited). Her report included the fact that the NHA’s PAC gave just $26,125 in candidate support during the last election cycle, compared to $499,453 by the Nebraska State Education PAC.

After unanimously approving all credentialing requests, the board adjourned at 7:31pm. The next board meeting will be held Monday, September 24 at 6:30pm in the BBGH Alliance Room. The public is invited to attend.

Box Butte General Hospital is an equal opportunity provider and employer.