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Hunter Safety

Many people love the hunting opportunities provided by life in western Nebraska.  These important traditions are passed from one generation to the next.  As we include our children and friends in these activities it is vital that we teach them to hunt safely.  Below are some suggestions to help you shoot straight when it comes to hunting safety.


All Nebraska hunters age 12 through 29 who hunt any species with a firearm or air gun must successfully complete a Firearm Hunter Education course.

Below is a link to an official Nebraska Hunter/Bow hunter Safety Course on-line.

Click Here

Contact Nebraska Game and Parks Office in Alliance at 308-763-2940 to register for a traditional Hunter Safety class.

Hunter Safety Rules to LIVE by:

  • Demonstrate safe gun practices at all times.
  • Avoid alcohol while hunting.  Wait until the hunting day is over and all firearms are safely secured before you indulge in adult beverages.
  • Dress for the weather/season:  Weather in western Nebraska can be unpredictable and deadly at times.  Winds on the plains and in the Sandhills can make a nice day miserable if you are not dressed appropriately.  It’s best to plan for the worst.  Dress in layers.  Remember to avoid moisture retaining cotton directly on the body.  Also bring clothing that repels water for an outer layer. 
  • Bring food and water.  Western Nebraska is geographically immense and has some very remote areas.  Many areas lack cell phone coverage.  If you have vehicle troubles or get caught in a storm you will want food and water to get you through 24 to 48 hours.
  • Tell a friend:  Let someone you know (family/friend) where you plan on hunting, when you plan on leaving and when you plan on returning.

Gun locks can be obtained from the Box Butte County Sheriff office during normal business hours free of charge.

Have a safe hunt!