Visit the Great People online shop to shop the Great People Event merchandise and help raise money for wellness baskets.

The community has given so much to BBGH and now we want to return the kindness by offering support to someone who may be in need.

The Great People Event is a giving campaign to give wellness baskets to nominated individuals in the community. The wellness baskets will provide support to someone mentally, emotionally, and financially during these unprecedented times. Below is the form to nominate someone in need of a wellness basket for a specific basket - the essentials basket, the hometown experience basket, or the adventure basket.  

Round 1 Recipients 
Essentials Basket | Colleen Busch & Cathe McCaffery
Hometown Experience Basket | Heather Edwards & Wren Wilcox
Adventure Basket | Amanda Leider & Mara Andersen

Round 2 Recipients 
Essentials Basket | James Mashek
Hometown Experience Basket | Brad Schrum
Adventure Basket | Whitney Baldwin

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