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BBGH June Board Meeting

Box Butte General Hospital Board President Tom Furman called the June Board meeting to order Monday June 28th at 6:53 p.m. where staff of GNMSS, new employees, and Employee of the month were all recognized.

The Affirmative Action Assessment presented by HR staff members Chelsey Heredia and Lisa Hillyer was a main topic. BBGH has participated in this federal program provided through Baird Holm since 2017. Every employee is coded based on their gender, race, disability, veteran status, etc., and this information is used to gauge nondiscriminatory practices in the organization. By dividing the number of people hired compared to applicants, a percentage is calculated to see where there are opportunities for improvement. Although there are suggested benchmarks to meet, guidelines are set to assure the most qualified person is selected for the job. There were no significant findings within BBGH this past year. Two groups BBGH is focusing on reaching out to more frequently are veterans and those with disabilities.

The Quality Management Report given by Chief Quality Officer Mary Mockerman, RN-CIC, was also a crucial focus point. The issue focused on an incident at a small hospital where a communication issue utilizing telehealth caused a wrong medication to be administered to a patient. The Root Cause Analysis found alternative steps should be taken when telehealth services are being used. With this example in mind, BBGH is taking steps to be proactive in preventing medication mishaps. Using barcodes scanners, performing independent checks on high risk medications, and contacting a person familiar with the medication (or the pharmacy) are all on a checklist of things to look out for when administering medications.

Chief Executive Officer Lori Mazanec, MHA, ACHE, reviewed the hospital’s five Strategic Initiatives.

  1. Identify partnership opportunities to support physician/provider recruitment and retention.
  2. Strengthen quality and service excellence to enhance the patient experience.
  3. Develop plans to capture market share and reduce outmigration through mutually beneficial collaboration with other healthcare organizations.
  4. Work with staff to improve physician engagement.
  5. Develop strategies to improve employee morale and redefine perceptions regarding employee turnover.

The three to five year plan will be continued for the next two years, as Mazanec said, “I feel like we’re making good headway with these priorities, but we’re not quite there yet.”

Other topics included the 2019- 2020 budget. Chairman Randy Langemeier said in regard to the budget, “it all fits” and he feels good about where the hospital is financially. The trustees unanimously approved the new fiscal year budget.

Employee of the month for June was Sabrina Terrell, Dietary Lead Cook. New employees include: Laundry Tech Madison Hulshizer, Insurance Verification Clerk Desirae Daniels, Nursing Assistants Jacobi Stumpff and Carolina Carlson, Maintenance Tech Tyler Adamson, and Registered Nurse Mandy Shaul-Bolek.

After approving the monthly financial report and credentialing requests, the board meeting adjourned at 7:37 p.m. with no executive session. The next meeting will be July 29 at noon in the Alliance Room. The public is welcome to attend.

Box Butte General Hospital is an equal opportunity provider and employer.