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New Box Butte General Hospital logo reflects changes at facility

New Box Butte General Hospital logo reflects changes at facility

A new logo design for Box Butte General Hospital (BBGH) was officially unveiled today by hospital CEO Dan Griess, FACHE. The logo (see accompanying graphic) incorporates design features and color palettes used for the new addition being built for the hospital.

“As the community may remember, several months ago I raised the question of whether or not we should change the name of Box Butte General Hospital,” CEO Dan Griess said. “With feedback from employees, physicians and providers as well as the community, it was decided to keep the name Box Butte General Hospital. Once that decision was made, I decided the graphic design of our old logo needed to be changed due to the removal of the arch we saw as we entered the campus.”

Chief Financial Officer Tracy Jatczak said, “The Administration Team started the process to develop a new logo about one year ago. We had received a quote from a design company to develop a new logo and their first bid was around $70,000. We rejected that and the company came back with a limited scope bid for about $40,000. The Team felt that was not a good use of resources when we had such a large project underway. That is when I asked Dan if I could work on it. About a month later I presented about eight different concepts to the Administration Team. Most of my concepts had a box for a central geometric shape, playing off of Box Butte. As I tinkered with boxes within a box, a representation of our new building’s icon corner emerged. I put most of my effort into developing that idea, including the color scheme that was matched to the interior paint palette. The graphic used in the logo that ended up being the top choice is what you see now. Once it was decided to keep our old name, it was simply a matter of using that with the new graphic we had approved.”

Mr. Griess recognized Ms. Jatczak for her work on the design of the new logo. “She provided many different examples to choose from and this design was, overwhelmingly, the favorite. Great job!” he said.

Internally, a task force has been meeting regularly for some time to evaluate the number of changes that will be needed as they relate to the logo (forms, letterhead, signage, name badges, etc.). “Some examples of the many changes needed prior to the rollout was the Marketing staff redesigning business cards, brochures, letterheads, display banners and other items as needed. The Purchasing Department has been busy ordering those and other items that need replacing due to the logo change so that we have new ones in place to hand out when we begin the transition after the public announcement,” Mr. Griess said. “Others on the task force have been changing hardcopy and electronic forms, signage, and anything else relating to their respective departments. It’s been a team effort across the board.”

Mr. Griess concluded by saying one of the reasons he decided to wait until the middle of February to go public with the logo change is related to a transformation of the BBGH website. “I had decided to change web design vendors late in 2014 and the new website should be ready to reveal the beginning of March,” he said.

Box Butte General Hospital is an equal opportunity provider and employer.