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BBGH Admin Team presents strategic initiatives, goals and objectives to Trustees

The main highlight of the Box Butte General Hospital (BBGH) Board of Trustees meeting held Monday February 23 was the annual presentation of the Strategic initiatives, Goals and Objectives of the hospital for 2015 by Administrative Team members. According to CEO Dan Griess, FACHE, setting these initiatives is a vital component in the annual budgeting process, with departments focusing on expenditures and operations set forward in the documents. The Strategic initiatives focus on six areas.

Chief Financial Officer Tracy Jatczak presented Strategic In #1: Maintain Financial Viability. The Goals are to Enhance BBGH’s financial standing by 1) increasing operating margin while implementing competitive price positioning; 2) optimization of collection and reimbursement opportunities, and 3) expansion of non-patient revenue sources. To do so, Ms. Jatczak listed seven objectives, providing detailed explanations of how those objectives will be obtained. The objectives listed were: 1. Maintain current pricing on Chargemaster; 2. Improve collections, both back-end and front-end; 3. Continue the monitoring of expenses/overhead; 4. Explore new service lines; 5. Evaluate existing service lines for viability/mission; 6. Market and enhance the Box Butte Health Foundation; and 7. Closely monitor operating costs and loan covenants once the new building is occupied.

Chief Operating Officer Lori Mazanec presented Strategic initiative 2: Recruit, retain and invest in Employees with the goal being to: Invest in BBGH’s human capital by selecting and building a team that can reach our goals through 1) using strategic hiring and behavioral interviews to find the right teammates who exhibit BBGH values 2) building a motivated and cohesive team by empowering teammates to be owners and builders of the BBGH vision 3) devoting time, effort, and resources to developing the skills of our team 4) providing the best care for our team by offering the best human resources servicing and support to retain our team members. She also presented a detailed explanation of each of the six objectives that will be used to obtain that goal. The objectives are: 1. Update job descriptions/performance evaluations/competency assessments processes; 2. Continue the “Catch the Wind” employee recognition programming; 3. Communication, communication, communication (with employees); 4. Direct management development through session training; 5. Build and enhance employee education systems; and 6. Boost employee morale.

Chief Ancillary Officer Scott Alwin presented Strategic initiative 3: Recruit, retain and invest in Medical Staff. The goal is to establish and enhance a healthy Physician/Provider – Hospital Partnership(s) through 1) Satisfied/Engaged hospital employed medical providers and local private practice providers; 2) High quality specialty providers; 3) Maintaining Emergency Medicine Providers. He went into detail on seven objectives to obtain that goal, The objectives are: 1. Recruitment via a medical staff development plan to recruit and hire medical providers; 2. Handoff protocol to create an environment where providers are accurately handing off information between other providers. 3. Succession planning by continuing to support and utilize current residency programs, the Health Professions Club and others; 4. Competency assessment of all medical providers; 5. Compensation plan/incentive bonus that is attractive to new provider recruits and fosters retention through a variety of means; 6. Ensure continued Emergency Medicine Providers via EmCare (provides weekend physician and provider coverage); and 7. Continue the physician/provider recognition programs.

Chief Quality Officer Mary Mockerman presented Strategic Initiative 4: Impact positive outcomes through application of best practices. The goal of the initiative is to: Continually improve the quality of care delivery by partnering with our patients and the community through: 1. The promotion of effective communication using TeamSTEPPS tools and a philosophy of Just Culture; 2. Identifying and acknowledging patient expectations with a focus on perceptions, dignity, and the promotion of patient/family participation in care; 3. Building and implementing systems of care based on best practices that assure expected outcomes and protect the community from harm. She also provided detailed information on the five objectives that will be used to achieve that goal. They are: 1. Hardwiring the Just Culture philosophy; 2. Integration of TeamSTEPPS, Patient Experience and LEAN programs; 3. Provide an exceptional patient experience; 4. Compliance with national patient safety goals and prevention of hospital acquired conditions; 5. Safe medication delivery.

Ms. Mazanec presented the final two Strategic initiatives. Initiative 5 focuses on enhancing buildings and equipment, with the goal: Provide best possible healing environment for our patients and the best possible working conditions for our employees. Five objectives (four of them completed) were presented. The four completed objectives dealt with upgrades to current facility systems and the new addition/renovation project. Objective 5 focuses on the further development plans for project completion, including moving into the new facility; allocation of space/offices in the existing building for staff once the move has opened up opportunities; and the Capital Campaign through the Foundation for the Rehabilitation renovation project.

Strategic Initiative 6 focuses on advancing the application of Information Technology, with the goal: Develop and Maintain an Information Technology platform across the organization that leverages best practices and up-to-date technology to provide the best possible patient care. Several of the objectives to obtain that goal have already been completed, with the following remaining or ongoing: Develop and implement Master Technology Plan; Investigate and apply best practices to eliminate paper documents across the organization; Stage II of the development of Electronic Health Record within the hospital and clinics to obtain Meaningful Use; and continue Healthland Centriq application adoption.

The Trustees also conducted the following business.

The board recognized Environmental Services staff member Sandy Mundt as the February 2015 Employee of the Month. New employees were also welcomed to the staff, including Kimberly Jespersen, RN; Chelsea Melendez, RN; Penny Hartwig, Assistant Cook; and Elvia Garza, Customer Service Representative.

After unanimously approving the consent calendar, the board heard Ms. Mockerman present her monthly Quality Management and Safety Report. She reported that, as expected, influenza cases are declining in the area, but that the hospital has seen an influx of RSV admissions. Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which causes infection of the lungs and breathing passages, is a major cause of respiratory illness in young children.

Mr. Griess’ Governance/Strategy Focus was dedicated to the Board Self-Evaluation Survey results. Due to the results he asked if the board would be open to a mini-retreat at the hospital to further discuss and evaluate the survey. The Trustees expressed an interest to do so, including taking a quick tour of the new addition. Mr. Griess will set up a meeting date and time convenient for all the Trustees.

He then gave an update on the construction project, saying the placement of brick is almost complete. Once completed, dirt work for driveway and parking areas around the hospital will start. He said additional work is progressing on time for existing plant mechanical upgrades (boiler and water softener upgrades), with two new chillers and an additional emergency generator next on the list to start.

The board was asked by Mr. Griess to approve $5,000 for the BBGH Scholarship program, as it has in the past. The money will be used to fund scholarships for high school and college students seeking careers in healthcare, $500 and $1,000 respectively. The board unanimously approved the request.

Mr. Griess and Ms. Jatczak then explained the process and development of the hospital’s new logo, which was just recently unveiled to the public through a press release, and various means of advertising.

A Hospital Trustee Certification Program opportunity for board members was presented by Mr. Griess, who said a soon to be held meeting of the Western Regional Trustees Symposium, which the hospital is a member of, will occur in Sun Valley, Idaho. The governance presentations and various workshops would provide all the credit hours needed by Trustees interested in completing the Certification. Several board members expressed interest.

After unanimously approving all credentialing requests, the board adjourned at 8:50pm. The next meeting will be held Monday, March 30 at 7:00pm in the hospital’s Alliance Room. As always, the public is invited to attend.

Box Butte General Hospital is an equal opportunity provider and employer.