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BBGH High School Summer Intern Program

Box Butte General Hospital (BBGH) has had a successful high school summer intern program for 18 years. Prime examples of its success are the first two interns to participate in the program back in 1996, Dr. Josh McConkey and Betsy Bauman Horstman, R.N. Both have gone on to successful careers in the medical profession.

The intern program, now in its 18th year, is open to students of Hemingford, Alliance and Hyannis who will have completed their Sophomore year in 2015, is a health professional awareness program designed to offer observation and entry-level work experience. It will allow young people to explore as many professions associated with hospitals as possible in the time frame provided.

The students will rotate in and out of departments throughout the period of their employment, including: Purchasing, Basic Life Support, Radiology, Rehab and Wellness/Cardiac Pulmonary Rehab, Laboratory, the Patient Care Unit, Emergency Department, Outpatient Surgery, Respiratory Therapy and ElectroDiagnostics.

The interns will be issued a journal and will be expected to document the week’s experiences and the hands-on work projects they helped support each day.

During the last week of their internship the students will be required to write a capstone paper and present it to Box Butte General’s Executive Staff including CEO, Dan Griess. The capstone paper and presentation will allow the intern to describe what department most interested him or her that summer, as well as which department the intern didn’t like during their employment at BBGH (while also describing how that department contributes to health care delivered at the hospital). They will also be asked to describe the most surprising activity they observed.

Ultimately, the hospital wants them to see and experience the inside story on health care delivery. If the student does find a passion for a particular field of health care during his or her experience, it’s exciting we’ve had a hand in helping that student find a career. And in the future, if the students pursue a health career, we hope they will come back and do it right here at BBGH.

Those interested should apply online at under the Careers tab or contact Lisa Hillyer, 308-761-3132 or Tammy Griffee, 308-762-4357, Ext. 3034 for information. Applications are open until April 12, 2015.

Box Butte General Hospital is an equal opportunity provider and employer.