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February Board Report

The BBGH Board of Trustees meeting was called to order at 12:01pm Monday, February 24th.  Discussions involved physician recruitment updates, census management plans, and review of the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services survey in Hemingford GNMSS clinic February 5th.

Lori Mazanec, BBGH CEO gave the trustees a physician recruitment update which included the announcement that Dr. Mohamed Humad, Family Practice/OB provider has signed a contract to start this fall. This addition helps sustainment of the labor and delivery program at BBGH. The hospital is still hoping and working to recruit one more Family Practice/OB provider. Both Dr. Tim Narjes and Dr. Derek Shafer are currently seeing obstetrics patients.

BBGH has seen a large number of pediatric patients recently with RSV (respiratory Syncytial Virus). RSV is a very common and contagious virus, and has aggressively hit the younger population over the last month. Because of this virus, influenza, and other factors such as occupied orthopedic beds, BBGH has seen a full census (all 25 inpatient beds occupied). When census is reached, the Utilization Management Committee activates contingency plans to transfer eligible patients to other critical access hospitals in the surrounding area. This includes Regional West Medical Center, Sidney Regional Medical Center, Bridgeport’s Morrill County Community Hospital, and Chadron Community Hospital. BBGH Chief Quality Officer Mary Mockerman says the committee has been in contact with all these facilities should the need arise to transfer patients, and nearly all are receptive to assist.

Please remember the best way to prevent the spread of any virus such as RSV or COVID-19 (the coronavirus) is frequent hand hygiene. This means washing your hands with soap and water for at least one minute as often as possible, or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

The Greater Nebraska Medical and Surgical Services clinic in Hemingford had their survey from the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services on February 5th. The survey looks at a variety of items in the clinic from licensure to cleanliness of the premises. Clinic Manager Joni Sautter said the survey went well and there were no deficiencies.

New BBGH employees include: Promotions Specialist Karisa Lemoncelli, Cook Cynthia Smith, Environmental Services Technician Destiny Jewett, Cardiac Rehab Nursing Assistant Taylor Hopp, Controller Joan Potts, and Certified Nursing Assistant Anna Grace Vogel. Recent staff accomplishments and recognitions include: Employee of the Month Kaitlyn Stabnow, and GNMSS Hemingford staff passing inspection.

The next BBGH board meeting is Monday, March 30 at noon in the Alliance Room. As always, the public is welcome to attend.

Box Butte General Hospital is an equal opportunity provider and employer.