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BBGH March Board Report

The BBGH Board of Trustees’ meeting was called to order at 12:04pm Monday, March 30th, via Zoom.  Discussions involved BBGH scholarship allocation, what BBGH is doing to stay well during the pandemic and how healthcare workers are caring for patients that express possible symptoms of COVID-19.   

Mary Mockerman, BBGH CQO gave the trustees an outline of the current situation with COVID-19. Visitor restrictions are in place and the public has been receptive to our temporary changes.  All patients coming to the hospital are being screened for symptoms of COVID-19.  Along with screening, employees are being asked to track their travels and self-report any symptoms each day they work.  As a way to prepare for an outbreak in the community, BBGH is working to make acute care rooms double occupancy for the short term.  The health and privacy for patients is the utmost concern.  In order to continue care for patients who feel ill, but are well enough to recover at home, healthcare workers are continuing care through follow-up phone calls.  If showing symptoms of a fever and cough, stay isolated for the duration of the fever AND three days after the fever has subsided.  For healthcare workers, the recommendation is to stay isolated for 14 days and to wear a mask when well enough to return to work.    

Summer Gonzalez presented a brief response to COVID-19 and BBGH’s strategic initiatives.  The first priority is to identify partnerships with opportunities to support physician/provider recruitment and retention.  Priority two is to strengthen quality and service excellence to enhance the patient experience.  During this time BBGH has set up separate waiting areas for patients feeling ill and scheduling appointments around whether the patient is healthy or ill.  Priority three is to develop plans to capture market share and reduce outmigration through mutually beneficial collaboration with other healthcare organizations.  Utilizing telehealth to treat patients without face-to-face meetings.  Adapting to changes and communicating to the public is at the top of our priorities.  Priority four is to work with staff to improve physician engagement.  Education and timely answers to patients along with timely results to tests being given.  And priority five is develop strategies to improve employee morale and redefine perceptions regarding employee turnover.  Internally adapting activities to keep employees healthy and excited to be engaged.       

During the scholarship application period, BBGH received five high school scholarship applications and 14 college scholarship applications.  In the best interest of awarding applicants scholarship funds, BBGH will use all the funds designated for both high school and college applicants. 

New BBGH employees include: Assistant Cook Charles Giger, Environmental Services Workers Jamie Roth and Hannah Bolinger, Lab Clerk Kelly Sandager, Registered Nurse (Clinic) Jessica Herman, and Nurse Aide Janaye Shoemaker. Recent staff recognitions include: Employee of the Month Jasmine Clarke, MLS and Lead Laboratory Technologist.  Accomplishments include celebration of National Doctors’ Day to our medical staff. 

The next BBGH board meeting is Monday, April 27 at noon in the Alliance Room. In interest of the Directed Health Measure issued for Box Butte County, the public is welcome to attend via Zoom.   

Box Butte General Hospital is an equal opportunity provider and employer.