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BBGH April Board Report

The BBGH Board of Trustees’ meeting was called to order at 12:01pm Monday, April 27th, via Zoom.  Discussions involved the groundbreaking for the new Hemingford clinic, resuming elective surgeries on May 4th and continuing education for staff at BBGH regarding COVID-19.   

Beginning May 4th BBGH will ease into elective surgeries per Governor Rickett’s lifting of the Directed Health Measures.  A requirement for starting elective surgeries again is to follow the guidelines put in place by the State.  In an effort to keep patients and staff safe during the reopening, the surgeries will be outpatient only, there will be no overnight stays, children will not be operated on and the visitor/advocate for the patient will not be permitted to stay in the hospital while the surgery takes place.  Nursing staff will provide screening of the patient multiple times leading up to the procedure. 

Mary Mockerman, BBGH CQO gave the trustees an update on the hospital’s response to COVID-19.  There have been 64 specimen collections sent to the state lab in Omaha to be tested for COVID-19 and as of April 27 there has only been one positive case in Box Butte County.  BBGH is focusing on employee health and education of personal protective equipment, such as varying types of masks, gloves, gowns, and face shields.  All non-clinical staff members have been provided a cloth mask to be donned prior to entering the hospital for work.  The visitor restriction still remains in effect. 

Jim Bargen, BBGH COO provided a visual of the floorplan for the GNMSS Hemingford Clinic set to open in July/August.  Dale Wood Construction broke ground this past week for the 2800 square-foot building that will be located on Cheyenne Ave.  The clinic will have four exam rooms, one procedure room, one laboratory and a consult room.  The village of Hemingford has displayed great excitement for what is to come.          

New BBGH employees include: Kolbee Sanchez, Imaging Clerk and Janaye Shoemaker, Nurse Aid PCU. Recent staff recognitions include: Employee of the Month Lori Mazanec, CEO.   

The next BBGH board meeting is Tuesday, May 26th at noon in the Alliance Room. In interest of the Directed Health Measure issued for Box Butte County, the public is welcome to attend via Zoom.   

Box Butte General Hospital is an equal opportunity provider and employer.