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BBGH July Board Report

The BBGH Board of Trustees’ meeting was called to order at 12:01pm Monday, July 27th, in the Alliance Room and via Zoom. Four board members were present with one absent. Discussions involved BBGH’s recent Joint Commission survey results, an update on COVID-19, and discussion about the newest addition to BBGH, Senior Life Solutions. The finance report and credentialing requests were approved as presented.

The Joint Commission hospital survey occurs every three years and the lab survey occurs every two years certifying for accreditation status. Two surveyors for the hospital were present July 14th – 17th reviewing the elements of performance in the areas of Provision of Care, Treatment, and Services, Environment of Care, Medication Management, Life Safety, and Infection Control.  The average number of findings that a hospital will have is 32, BBGH only had 20 findings during this survey. Not only were the findings below average, they did not warrant a return of the surveyor; meaning the findings were low on the risk assessment matrix. These results are spectacular and showcase the hard work each employee of BBGH puts forth toward a safe, efficient, and caring environment. Box Butte General Hospital has maintained the Joint Commission Accreditation since 1976.

As COVID-19 continues to persist, BBGH maintains precautionary processes to keep the staff, patients, and community safe. Staff and patients are still required to wear a mask while present in the hospital. Employee education and monitoring continues to be a top priority for BBGH including when it is appropriate to self-quarantine. BBGH is now a host site for TestNebraska. Testing is available Monday – Friday from 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM. It is important to know that a negative COVID-19 test does not indicate immunity to the virus or if it was previously contracted.

The newest program welcomed to BBGH is Senior Life Solutions. The program offers group and individual therapy, medication management, behavioral health, and more to adults 65 and older. Individuals must be referred to the program either by themselves, a family member, or a physician. For more information about Senior Life Solutions, visit or call 308.761.3511.

New BBGH employees include Kylee Giles, RN-OB/PCU, Jessica Smith, RN-PCU, Thompson Herman, Fitness Center Attendant, April Sulzbach, Patient Registration Clerk, and Frankee Runninghawk, Temp Screener/Lobby Attendant. Recent staff recognitions include: Employee of the Month Chelsea Thompson, Operations Associate.

The next BBGH regular board meeting is Monday, August 31st at noon in the Alliance Room. In interest of the Directed Health Measure issued for Box Butte County, the public is welcome to attend via Zoom.   

Box Butte General Hospital is an equal opportunity provider and employer.