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BBGH August Board Report

The BBGH Board of Trustees meeting was called to order at 12:01pm Monday, August 31st, in the Alliance Room and via Zoom. Four board members were present and one absence. Discussions involved the progression of the Hemingford Clinic, and update on COVID-19, and the continued effort to keep patients and staff safe at BBGH. The finance report and credentialing requests were approved as presented.

Jim Bargen, Chief Operation Officer, shared a wonderful video on the progress of the construction for the Hemingford Clinic. As the construction for the Hemingford Clinic continues to progress, the excitement builds for the village. The project is projected to be completed mid-September and open for patient care the first full week of October. This timeline is still tentative as construction can impose on proposed deadlines. Stay tuned for communication regarding an open house to celebrate the newest addition with the public.

Mary Mockerman, Chief Quality Officer, discussed the new implementation for clinical staff to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Clinical staff is now wearing face shields to prevent droplets from entering the body through the eyes. This will allow the staff to continue to care for patients while lessening the risk of contracting the virus. For non-clinical staff, wearing masks and staying six feet apart is still the best practice as those will decrease the chance for exposure to less than 10%. Exposure for staff outside of the hospital remains a risk as cases rise in the public schools and surrounding communities.

New BBGH employees include Arlen Loutzenhiser, Communications Clerk, Kimberly Morrow, Controller, Jazmine Rodriguez, EVS Tech, Deana Reed, EVS Tech. Recent staff recognitions include: Employee of the Month Devan Collins, RN.

The next BBGH regular board meeting is Monday, September 28th at noon in the Alliance Room. In interest of the Directed Health Measure issued for Box Butte County, the public is welcome to attend via Zoom.   

Box Butte General Hospital is an equal opportunity provider and employer.