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Family Health + Fitness Day

BBGH Rehab & Wellness Center celebrates Family Health + Fitness Day

Physical activity at any age has great physical and mental benefits.  Kids begin learning habits from parents/adults at a young age. Demonstrating healthy habits for kids is vital for their success in building a healthy life later on. A great way to demonstrate healthy habits is by participating in activities together.  

Find activities that kids like to do such as riding bikes, going for a walk, playing catch, or a fun game at the park. Provide support, encouragement, and a routine to establish healthy habits.  

Physical activity also provides a great opportunity to bond with family and improve health. Involvement with adults and team sports will also provide kids with emotional and social support. Beyond the physical benefits kids will appreciate the quality time spent together.

September 26th is USA Family Health + Fitness Day (FHFD). Take time this Saturday to enjoy a game in the park, bike ride, or pickup game. Share a photo of your family celebrating FHFD to social media (and don’t forget to tag us), or email to for a chance to win Rehab & Wellness Center swag! Submit photos by Tuesday September 29th, winner will be announced Wednesday September 30th.

How to play the bean bag relay:

1. The first teammate runs to the furthest hula hoop and places the bean bag in the hula hoop and runs back.

2. The next teammate skips to the bean bag, picks it up, and drops it off at the next hula hoop, and then runs back.

3. The third teammate runs backward to the bean bag, picks it up, and drops it off at the next closest hula hoop, and then runs back.

4. Repeat until bean bag gets to the closest hula hoop. 

Teams will need 2 bean bags (1 per team), and 12 hula hoops or any sort of place marker (6 per team). 

You can choose whichever type of agility exercise you'd like. 

Most importantly, HAVE FUN! 

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