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BBGH October Board Report

The BBGH Board of Trustees (Board) meeting was called to order at 12:00 pm Monday, October 26th, in the Alliance Room and via Zoom. Five board members were present. The newest board member Barb Straub was welcomed to the first board meeting of her appointment. Discussions involved a COVID update from Chief Quality Officer Mary Mockerman, helping the community find the strength to ‘stand with us’ and continue the fight against COVID, and an update from Dr. Tim Narjes. The finance report and credentialing requests were approved as presented.

As Box Butte County continues to see new cases daily, the Hospital has implemented a “work while quarantined” program to help keep staff healthy and working. The number of kids being required to quarantine from exposure at school continues to surge posing risk on the Hospital having adequate staff to operate. To date there have been 17 positive COVID cases amongst staff members, 12 of which have been recovered.

With the number of positive cases continuing to rise each day, the leaders of BBGH are encouraging the public to practice the following: wear a mask, watch your distance, and wash your hands. These three practices continue to be the most effective to prevent the transmission from person to person. Please help the hospital keep the community healthy and stop the spread of COVID-19, every mask worn is one less chance for transmission.

Dr. Tim Narjes provided an update in regards to the health and wellness of the public. Providers are seeing patients’ chronic conditions such as anxiety, depression, diabetes, etc. becoming worse. Dr. Narjes is urging that regular doctor visits remain a priority. The Greater Nebraska Medical & Surgical Services Clinic is scheduling patients based on their health to keep everyone safe and well.

New BBGH employees introduced include Tanya Wilson RN-PCU, and Natalie Munoz RN-Dialysis. Recent staff recognition includes October Employee of the Month Amy Nielson, Accounts Payable Clerk.

The next BBGH regular board meeting is Monday, November 30th at noon in the Alliance Room. In the interest of room size limitations, the public is welcome to attend via Zoom.   

Box Butte General Hospital is an equal opportunity provider and employer.