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October Employee of the Month

“Amy goes above and beyond for everyone she works with. Whenever a question comes up about an invoice, payment, check request, or credit card statement, she is always pleasant and very helpful. I have never seen Amy without a quick smile and a “hello” in the hallway. She even has great nicknames for nearly everyone. All BBGH employees should strive to have as positive of an attitude as they do. She is an asset to BBGH because of their positive demeanor, speedy turnaround time, and understanding attitude – to name just a few. Amy takes initiative and carries out tasks that are sprung on her in a moment’s notice without so much as a second thought. It is evident she works hard and is more than willing to help out co-workers. Amy upholds the mission, vision, and values of BBGH, and is more than deserving of the recognition.”

“I do not know anyone more deserving than Amy. They are always there for anyone that needs them no matter if it is work or just an ear to listen when everything is going awry! She is truly one of the most compassionate caring people I have ever worked with. On a daily basis Amy shows a great deal of compassion and devotion in everything that they do. I can say in the time I have worked with them I have never seen her without a smile or ever heard them without a kind word for whomever needs to hear it. Amy’s laugh is contagious and they know how to make every person they come in contact with feel like they are the most important person. When it comes to the job, Amy will work with all her heart and soul to get the job done and make sure it is done to the absolute best and if something is off she is the one you can count on to figure it out. We are lucky to have them on the team! Amy is the glue that holds us together and always knows how to keep is going even when times get tough. Thank you Amy for absolutely everything you are!”