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BBGH Selects Winner of Name Contest for Germ-Zapping Robot

It has been a season of implementing new safety precautions, learning how to adapt to something that is unknown, and trying to care for the community and keep everyone safe. Healthcare professionals have been challenged with keeping themselves safe from the virus, working non-stop to care for those that have fallen ill, and having to be the positive voice of reason. Just as there seemed to be no end to the tiring work being put in, Bee Boo joined the BBGH team in August.

Bee Boo is a germ-zapping cleaning robot that uses LightStrike™, a patented Pulsed Xenon UV light system. The light produces ultra violet waves from 200-315 nm which is the entire length of the germicidal spectrum. An important factor of the patented Pulsed Xenon UV light system is that the light is pulsed rather than a continuous stream of light. The pulsing is effective and does not damage materials making it unharmful to expensive equipment. Bee Boo and the other germ-zapping robots can disinfect a patient room in just 10 minutes. The disinfections includes 99.99% deactivation of SARS-COV-2, 95% deactivation of C.diff spores, 99.99% deactivation of MRSA, and 100% deactivation of VRE.

In August when the robot arrived to the facility, it was in need of a name. And who better to give a name than the creative students of the 2nd grade. Coloring sheets were distributed to all of the 2nd grade classrooms in Alliance. The students were to color the robot and name it. The winner was chosen from Emerson Elementary School and his name is Nehemiah Valdez. He colored the robot sheet in green, yellow, blue, and red. His shading and definition was remarkable, not to mention how well he stayed in the lines. Nehemiah had the opportunity to meet the robot, now named Bee Boo, and see it in action while it disinfected a patient room.

Bee Boo will help save many lives while allowing care to continue to be given to those in need.

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