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March Employee of the Month!

"I am nominating Kate Baillie for Employee of the Month. She is such a compassionate nurse with strong leadership skills and such self-motivation to be a proficient nurse. Kate Baillie is such an asset to the patient care unit and the MDU. She comes to work with a smile on her face and is able to face adversities with such clarity and positivity. She is one nurse that is beyond deserving of this award and recognition. Kate cares for her patients as she would her own family. She has such empathy and passion for every different situation, for all patients. She is able to advocate respectfully for her patients and their families. She is able to critically think; pathophysiology, presenting symptoms, labs, vitals; to make sure nothing is missed on her patients. She is the nurse that you want taking care of your parents, grandparents, siblings, or children when it comes down to it. As with many of us nurses on the floor we took on mental and physical hardship caring for covid patients. She went to work to face covid, while many others stayed home, and she still does to this day. She went face to face for sometimes 13 hours straight in a room for weeks caring for them. She held their hands when no one else could. She comforted them, cared for them, reĀ¬ assured them, and watched over them. She gently updated family members and had them faceĀ¬ time to stay connected as best she could. She was there as a nurse to nurse sharing the frustration and tears that everyone felt. Kate did individual research at home, endless hours to be a more proficient nurse able to care for covid patients. Hours of learning the new and everchanging disease whether this be different medications, BiPAP/Ventilator settings, pathology, positioning, and proning. Anything and everything from studies and universities research to care for the patients in our community. She became a covid nurse in the middle of a pandemic. She went above and beyond to be the best nurse for herself, her patients, and the hospital. No matter how overwhelmed or busy Kate is, she is always willing to help others. Patient safety and doing it by the book is exactly what she does, every-time. I could not ask for a better team-player. She is irreplaceable. Let us show her the recognition and respect she deserves for all she has done and is doing for us. Kate Baillie should be employee of the month for her exceptional care and being such skillful self-motived nurse."