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Growing our own

Box Butte General Hospital (BBGH) takes pride in its mission to be involved in the community. BBGH does this is by providing multiple educational opportunities for both high school and college students. 

While BBGH provides annual scholarship and internship opportunities, there are other ways for students to get involved. From high school to college, students can gain experience in both the world of healthcare and business at BBGH. 

For high schoolers, Health Professions Club (HPC), the Cadet program, and Summer Internships are available. 

HPC is an opportunity for students from Freshmen to Seniors to get involved and learn more about the healthcare field, specifically in a rural setting. Experts in their field are invited to speak to students, and there are often hands-on activities students get to partake in. Students often get to travel to other facilities and learn about their programs and how they function. HPC runs throughout the school year. 

For students who might be on the fence about getting an education in the field of healthcare, the Cadet program may be a more fitting option. Cadets work in different departments within the facility to see what area peaks their interest. The duration of this program is 18 weeks.  

Another program familiar to BBGH is the Summer Internship program. While internship positions are normally for clinical students, a new section was added last year to include experience in the non-clinical areas of BBGH. Students interested in Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, and more are encouraged to apply for this internship. Of course, those looking for medical experience are also encouraged to apply for the Clinical Internship position. Internships last from early June to the end of July, based on the student and their academic schedule. 

Other ways BBGH gets involved with students includes sending Physical Therapists from the Rehab & Wellness Center to team practices and games to help students play to the best of their ability. The Physical Therapists are also involved in the Most Value-able Player recognition program. The staff of BBGH is committed to the values of safety, excellence, compassion, integrity, devotion, and teamwork every day. BBGH strives to promote these values in our community, and recognizing these values in student athletes magnifies our message to continually work to achieve greatness.

Every year scholarships are offered by BBGH and the Box Butte Health Foundation (BBHF) to graduating high school seniors, and all college students pursuing a degree in healthcare. Currently, 15% of all scholarship recipients work at BBGH, and 25% of all recipients have worked at BBGH after completing their education.

For college students, in addition to scholarship and internship opportunities, BBGH also has a Student Nursing program in collaboration with Western Nebraska Community College and University of Nebraska Medical Center (Scottsbluff). Nursing students are able to get more hands-on experience, and see what it’s like to work at a Critical Access Hospital in a rural setting. 

Students can find more information about all the opportunities BBGH provides at job fairs across the state, or by visiting