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No Smoking Day 2022

Smoking, it is leading cause of preventable death in the United States. 

The body undergoes stress from just a single cigarette. Nicotine begins to enter the bloodstream and temporarily alter one’s mood. Soon after the body will signal for more nicotine and if the urge is not fulfilled, feelings of anxiousness and irritability will occur. When put into terms such as anxiousness and irritability, why do so many individuals follow victim to picking up the habit? Could it be pursuing an act of rebellion or feeling that release of relaxation for the first time? Sure it is made to look glamorous, looking at you Betty Draper, that isn’t the reality of it. By pure observation, long time smokers experience hair thinning, they become susceptible to wrinkles and poor aging, and the well known raspy voice. Smokers could be a product of their upbringing, the industry they work in, or just was never able to kick the habit from the “just one” cigarette. Just to note, just because one smokes doesn’t lessen their worth in any regard. There any many people who smoke that are wonderful individuals, it is a matter of helping them quit a habit that leads to death.  

The problem with engaging in a habit that is the number one cause of preventable death is it is not something that one can do safely. No matter how many precautions are taken to prevent teeth from yellowing or hair thinning, it still causes heart attacks and lung cancer. Oh but that stressful day at work justified half a pack during the evening? No, exercise helps relieve stress and keeps you healthy. When the craving for a cigarette surfaces, use the minutes it would take to smoke and go for a walk while calling up a friend for a quick chat. The body is a powerful thing and will try to overpower ones will, but the mind is even more powerful than a craving if the desire to overcome is there. Yes the body will experience withdrawals, but will it get better? Yes. Look in the mirror and say “I can do this.” 

BBGH can help one overcome unhealthy habits such as smoking. The hypnotherapy program for smoking cessation at BBGH has a success rate of 80% by using positive reinforcement. Let BBGH help put the light out on smoking, call 308.762.6660 to learn more about the hypnosis program designed for smoking cessation.