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March Employee of the Month!

"I am nominating Kate Horton because she represents every one of our characteristics. Kate is an excellent nurse and is innovative and creative in caring for patients. She is a very caring person/ nurse and her goal is to safely and passionately care for all her patients. I recently experienced her care in the ED on a day when all rooms were taken and very busy. She asked for assistance from her ED team whenever she needed it and I never once felt like I was forgotten and not cared for. Quite the opposite. Her devotion as a nurse is incredible. She never once delayed any care for me and showed her concern and knowledge and her skills and was very focused on her tasks at hand and at the same time taking time to care for other patients as well. She was with me until I was admitted into observation and then she turned my care over to the PCU staff. She had a very long day, but did not complain once or show that she was done for the day. Kate is an excellent example of devotion, integrity, excellence and safety and teamwork. When she got the results she wanted for my care she did a happy dance. We had a nice laugh together. Kate deserves the employee of the month and Nurse of the year."