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Visitor Policy Updates

COVID-19 Pandemic
Effective: 03/31/2022

In an effort to protect patients, visitors and staff, we have revised our visitor policy.
In accordance with CDC guidelines for healthcare settings, filtering, paper masks covering the nose and mouth are still required at BBGH for all staff, patients, visitors and guests. Cloth masks, gators, bandanas, etc. are not permitted. All visitors over 3 years old must wear a mask at all times when inside the hospital, clinics, MAPS building, 2307 and 212 suites. Visitors including minors must be screened for a fever and symptoms of COVID-19 regardless of vaccination status. When visitors have a temperature over 100 or symptoms consistent with COVID-19 they should leave immediately and may not visit or accompany patients to appointments.
Emergency Room:
The Patient and ONE designated, adult support person will be allowed in the Emergency Room
• Pediatric and young adult patients age 0-21 may be accompanied by two adults.
o Infants six months and younger in baby seats may accompany their parent or adult caregiver.
• End of life patients, transferring patients and special circumstances as approved by the patient’s care team
Inpatient Unit, (PCU)
COVID-19 patients

COVID-19 patients may have up to two, designated adult visitors. Visitors must wear N-95 or KN-95 masks at all times when inside the hospital. Visitors will maintain a distance of a least 6 feet from the patient.
• Special Circumstances as approved by the patient’s care team
• Visitation for COVID patients will be re-evaluated based on the community’s COVID risk level and the number of patients hospitalized with COVID at any given time.
Non-Covid PCU Patients
Patients on PCU may have adult visitors without restriction.

• Youth over age 14 may visit
• End of life patients, transferring patients, and special circumstances as approved by the patient’s care team
Known or Suspected COVID-19 Obstetrics

Labor and Delivery
• One asymptomatic support person may stay with patient during labor and delivery.
• Support persons must remain in patient room at all times and wear PPE consisting respirator mask, face shield, gown and gloves
• One designated, fully vaccinated adult visitor is permitted. Virtual visits are encouraged
Newborns who are not rooming in with mother may have one fully vaccinated visitor to assist with care during mother’s isolation period. Non-household support person is preferred
Non-COVID-19 Obstetrics
Labor and Delivery
• Adult visitors without restriction
• Children of the patient may visit
• Adult visitors without restriction
• Children of the patient may visit
Newborn may have one adult visitor in addition to mother
• Adult visitors and siblings without restriction
Outpatient Services
Two adult support persons may accompany the patient.
• If admitted to the hospital following surgery, see PCU visitation.
• Infants six months and younger in baby seats may accompany their parent or caregiver to the surgery area.
• Children must be over 14 years old to visit PCU.
Radiology, Rehabilitation Services, Specialty Clinics, GNMSS Clinics
Adults may accompany the patient to their appointment without restriction
• Up to two children and one additional infant six months old or younger in a baby seat may accompany the parent or caregiver to appointments if other arrangements cannot be made and they do not interfere with patient care.
• Children may not stay in waiting rooms unattended.
Employees and Staff
Adults and children may visit employees and staff during work hours as appropriate. Visits should be conducted outdoors or in non-patient care areas. All staff and their visitors age 3 and over must wear a mask when visiting indoors.
The health and safety of our patients, staff, and visitors is a top priority at Box Butte General Hospital. We understand how important the support of loved ones and friends is to patients during their hospital stay. However, COVID-19 requires us to temporarily adjust our visiting policy in order to keep our patients, staff, and visitors safe from infection.
We continue to implement vigorous policies and procedures to address COVID-19 and are following all governmental recommendations as well. If you have any questions about the updated visiting policy, please ask a member of the patient’s healthcare team. Thank you for
your understanding and for adhering to these policies to help us keep our patients, families, staff, and visitors protected and healthy during this time.
Additional Notes:
Visitors will resume entering through the main entrance doors and will no longer be required to enter through ER.
Main entrance doors will be locked from 6:00 pm – 6:00 am. Monday through Friday and remain locked Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.
When the main entrance doors are locked PCU staff will direct visitors to complete the screening on the Kiosk before unlocking the door.