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2022 May Employee of the Month

Congratulations to our May Employee of the Month,
Mandy Yearling, LPN! 

Thanks for all you do Mandy, we appreciate you!

“Mandy is such a hard worker! She constantly goes above and beyond every day she is
at work. Her expertise is exceptional and professionalism is unmatched. Mandy is always
willing to share her knowledge to anyone that asks as she has many years’ experience
doing what she does. She is my go-to person for anything I have questions about and never
insinuates that I am a burden to her. She will easily stop what she is doing to answer or
assist and then pick right back up with what she was doing. She displays all of the six values
every day at work with not one of them lacking. Mandy is devoted to doing the best she
is capable of everyday and showing compassion to every person she assists. She handles
being a multi-tasker flawlessly with nothing being missed. She is constantly trying to make
every patient experience their best and be as accommodating as possible. Without her
there would be a loss on our team. She is such an asset to BBGH and we need to show
her that. I want to shout her out and let her know that she is appreciated, please help me in
doing so! This person definitely deserves to know that she is appreciated!”

(Mandy Yearling, LPN pictured with CFO Mike O'Dell, left.)