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The Traveling Trophy goes to...

Congratulations to this month's Traveling Trophy recipients, the Wound Care team! The Purchasing team passed the trophy along to Wound Care, saying: 

"Safety, Excellence, Compassion, Integrity, Devotion, and Teamwork; core values of the hospital, but also of the Wound Care department. The pride Sue and Erin take in their work with their patients is beyond amazing. The compassion they have for their patients and their treatment is a blessing we are lucky to have. We admire the dedication Sue and Erin have for their patients. The excellent care they provide not only to their patients, but the patients on the floor, from the clinic, and those at the nursing home is something everyone only hopes to get. They are devoted to their patients and ensure they get the best care they are able to give. You ladies have so much knowledge to share. You are always willing to explain to us why we need to bring in a product, what it does, and how it is used. This helps us do our job when other departments call inquiring about a product and we have some knowledge as to what they need. The Purchasing department is grateful for all the Wound Care department does for everyone they encounter. P.S. We love talking to you first thing every morning!"