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Frequently Asked Questions about our Patient Portal

Is the Patient Portal secure? Is my medical information safe?

The Patient Portal is very secure; your information is protected with the same high level of security that all healthcare organizations are required to follow. Information you access within your Patient Portal is protected with secure SSL encryption, the same security protocol that banks use to protect your financial information. Any messages you receive from your medical team exists only within your secure portal; the confidential information in those messages is never sent through potentially unsecure email. Your Patient Portal account is password protected and linked to your verified email address.

At what age can I get a Patient Portal Account?

In the state of Nebraska you are not considered to be an adult until the age of 19. However, the Patient Portal will allow a person at the age of 18 to sign up for a portal account to access their medical information.

How can I look at my child/dependents information?

To view your child/dependents (under the age of 12) medical information you will have to associate them with your portal account. This association will be done under the accounts tab at the bottom of the page. This can only be done after the Parent/Guardians account has been setup and verified. To associate a child's account with your portal, you will have to request a PIN number to register them.

Why can't I see my child/dependents information over the age of 12?

Due to Nebraska state laws and regulations, there are specific tests that children can have without parental consent therefore the results of these tests cannot be released to the parent or guardian. However, we are in high hopes that in the near future we will be able to block specific tests from entering the portal, thus giving you access to your child's account until the age of 19

Why are there functions in the Portal that are not available?

As we grow here at Box Butte General Hospital so does our EHR (Electronic Health Record) and its capabilities to help serve you as a patient. We will continue work to activate all the functionality to the portal so that all those tools will be at you finger tips. Please watch for future announcements of new features coming to your portal here at Box Butte General Hospital.

Can I give my portal login information to trusted family members if I choose?

Yes, it is your information to share with whom you choose. However, please take caution in protecting your personal health information system.

What exactly is a CDA document and what medical information will it give me?

The acronym CDA stands for Clinical Document Architecture. This document is a summary of the individual visits you have had at the hospital or a GNMSS clinic. Information included in this document is Demographic information, Medications, Vital Signs, and selected Lab Results, just to name a few. These documents can be found under the My Health Record drop down menu under documents. Please note: Lab tests not done at the hospital or sy GNMSS clinics are not available on the portal.

Note: CDA documents are not considered a legal medical document and are not to be use in place of the legal medical information that has to be requested through our Medical Records department here at BBGH.

How far back will the medical information on my portal go?

After you have created your portal, you will see new information from that date forward. Historical visit information prior to your portal creation will not be available for viewing.

Will I be able to see my medical information from other Clinics or Hospitals?

The only information you will get will be from visits at Box Butte General Hospital and its affiliated clinic Greater Nebraska Medical and Surgical Services.

However, under the documents link in the My Health Record tab, you will be able to upload documents to your portal which have been provided to you from other healthcare facilities.

Who do I contact for questions or trouble I have with my portal?

If you have any additional questions or concerns with your portal please email us at or call us Monday - Friday 7:30am – 4:30pm at 308.761.3075.