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Relief Care & Ailing Angels

Box Butte General Hospital offers Relief Care as a "time out" opportunity for primary caregivers who are responsible for managing and providing the day-to-day care of a loved one. We also offer the Ailing Angels program, which gives parents/guardians the opportunity to keep working even though a child is sick with a mild illness. Both programs are explained below.

Relief Care

Box Butte General Hospital offers caregivers the option of having their loved one cared for in the hospital. This is ideal for situations where the caregiver needs to travel for any number of personal reasons (e.g. attending a wedding), or just needs some "time off."


  • Clients must be medically stable and able to be completely managed by nursing and dietary therapists.
  • Behavior must not pose a danger to other patients, staff, visitors or equipment.
  • Length of stay is from hours up to two weeks.
  • Clients/families must agree to discharge within 24 hours if a bed is required for an acute care patient, and immediately if it is determine that their needs cannot be met in the Relief Care program (e.g. acting out or endangering people).
  • Advance arrangements are required
  • A physician admission order is not required, though medical staff will be notified of all admissions
  • Clients must bring all medications and medical supplies from home
  • BBGH will NOT file any insurance claims for Relief Care
  • If specialty care has been previously ordered by a health provider, that care will be continued and billed as an outpatient charge

Charges: Charges are based on the client's needs. They are: $8.00, $9.00, and $10.00 per hour (max charge of eight hours) for day care. For care exceeding twelve hours, the rates are: $75.00, $85.00 and $95.00 per day. Payment or credit card guarantee is required at the time of admission to cover the cost of the expected length of stay. Charges include room, board and nursing care. All supplies will be added to the hourly/daily rate.

Restrictions: Clients requiring parenteral medication administration, treatments, dressing changes, or other skilled services are not eligible for the Relief Care program. Clients with Diabetes can be admitted into the program.

Please feel free to call Jaci Mach at 308.762.6660 ext. 3034 to obtain more information or to enroll your loved one into the program.

Ailing Angels for mildly ill children

Box Butte General Hospital's Ailing Angels program is offered to allow parents the opportunity to keep working even though a child is sick with a mild illness. The program includes:

  • Care offered to children three months old through 18 years of age
  • Open 24 hours a day
  • Fees:  $4 per hour. Fee will be paid at the time of service
  • Meals and snacks provided and included in hourly fee
  • Formula and baby food provided per hospital inventory
  • Supervised by nursing staff

Children will have individual rooms, with quiet activities, TV and VCR available. The activity will be limited to the room only, and the child is welcome to bring games, books, or tapes.

All children must have a local physician and current immunizations. Children will be screened during pre-registration, with the registration form kept on file for repeat visits. Telephone pre-registration is required with a minimum of one hour notice, with the parent scheduling directly with a nurse. Please be aware that available openings will fill on a first-come, first-served basis.

All mildly ill children will be accepted with the exception of:

  • Active Chicken Pox (lesions must be crusted)
  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • Rotovirus
  • Pertussis (unless on Erythromycin therapy for at least five days)
  • Head Lice

Hospital-wide policies and procedures will be followed. Any medication (including Tylenol, aspirin, etc.) must come from home (in original container) and be labeled with child's name and instructions for administration. Medication will be administered by a nurse. The Documentation form will include observations, medications, appetite, etc, with a copy given to the parent/guardian. The parent(s) must bring their own supply of disposable diapers.

This program is not intended to be a substitution for acute hospitalization.

Please feel free to call Jaci Mach 308.762.6660 ext. 3034 to obtain more information.