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Playground Safety

Playground equipment such as the seesaw, teeter/totter, swing, and slide are leading causes of injury on the playground.  Many injuries are also caused by falls.  With supervision your child can safely enjoy playground equipment for many years. 

Listed are some playground safety suggestions:

  • Be certain to supervise children playing on playground equipment.
  • Falls are a common cause for injury on the playground.  Ensure your playground has a cushioned surface such as rubber, pea gravel, sand, or mulch.
  • Remove any clothing that can get caught on equipment and present a choking hazard such as clothing with drawstrings, scarves, or necklaces.
  • Watch for areas of potential head entrapment.  There should be no openings that measure between 3 ½ and 9 inches.
  • Only allow your child to use age appropriate equipment. 
  • Children under age 4 shouldn't play on climbing equipment or horizontal ladders.
  • Do not allow pushing, shoving, or crowding on playground equipment.  Teach children this can be dangerous.
  • Parents should be attentive in a busy play area.  Ensuring that children won't be hit by a moving swing or other children running..
  • The bucket or baby swings should only be used if your baby has good head strength and control and can sit up without support.  This may be present at 9 months of age.
  • Assess the playground equipment at your child’s daycare or school for hazards or unsafe equipment.  Report any unsafe findings to the appropriate people.  Do not let children use the equipment until it is safe.

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