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Employee of the Month Nomination

Box Butte General Hospital is always looking for ways to honor our employees for outstanding service to our community and staff. A stellar vehicle for doing so is our Employee of the Month WIND program.

If you are an employee, you know all about our WIND program. Just click on the link below. Be sure to click on the yellow message button next to the nominee's name and follow the instructions that pop up.

If you are a patient who has visited our hospital recently and would like to tell us about an employee you feel deserves recognition, please fill out the form as well. When opening the form, fill in the fields outlined in orange, hit the print button and once printed sign where indicated. Please drop the form off at the Main Entrance admissions desk. A staff member will make sure it gets to where it needs to go.

All employees who are nominated receive recognition, earning WIND points they can redeem when they please. If the employee you nominate is chosen as Employee of the Month, the WIND points are even more.

Employee of the Month nomination form