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Patient Portal Access

Access your medical records on the My Care Corner patient portal here

In an effort to provide a better experience, a new portal (better integrated with our electronic record) has been developed. 

Watch this video for more instruction on using the My Care Corner patient portal, or see the links below for more details on using this application.

If you have any additional questions or concerns with your portal please email us at or call us Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm at 308-761-3075.

Getting Started

Your healthcare provider (Box Butte General Hospital and Affiliates) will provide you with an email (if you provided an email address) or a printed copy of instructions for accessing the MyCareCorner website.

Using the Email

1. From the email, click the link in the email. The MyCareCorner page is launched.

2. Click Continue. The Invitation Code screen is displayed. When launching directly from the email, your customized invitation code is automatically displayed in the boxes.

3. Click Submit. The Create Your MyCareCorner Account page is displayed.

4. If you already have an account created, enter your Email and Password and click Sign In. You may skip to step 10. Otherwise, click Create Account and proceed with step 5.

5. Enter your information in the fields provided: First Name, Last Name, Relationship, Sex, and Date of Birth.

6. In the Create Account fields, enter an email address and password using the fields provided: Email, Password, Confirm Password.

7. Enter the characters you see in the field provided.

8. Check the I agree to the Terms and Conditions box.

9. Click Create Account. A verification question may be displayed. If so, answer the question and click Submit. The Information Transfer page is displayed.

10. In the Select the record that MyPortal will be able to access field, use the drop-down list to select the record (or person's name) whose information is being transferred to MyCareCorner.

11. Click Allow. The Access Approved screen is displayed. Click Home to go to the MyCareCorner patient portal home page. As the home page is displayed, a Your Data is Loading message is displayed.  Once the message disappears, refresh your browser to ensure the health record data is displayed. If an Error Occurred while getting your data. Please talk to customer service message is displayed, contact 308-761-3075.