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Patient Testimonials

"When I first came in I couldn't use my arm or hand. With time and therapy, I am now able to write and lift my arm halfway. Lindsey has been so patient and kind with me- pushing me to the limit but without pain. All of the staff has been incredibly kind. It has been a wonderful experience." -Kathleen Darveau

Concussion Recovery
"Two years ago I took a fall that led to a concussion. I had never really thought much about concussions. Just a little rest and you are back to your life, right? That was not the case for me and I was afraid of what was happening. My vision was blurry, I couldn't see laterally, my balance was off, I couldn't walk without becoming dizzy, my thoughts were jumbled, and sounds were overwhelming. I learned my brain had to build new pathways to function again and when it takes longer than normal to recover it's known as Post Concussion Syndrome. This is where physical therapy came in. I was sent to Lucas Thompson, who has worked with concussions. My internet search said I could only be helped in a large city like Denver, even though there are therapists at BBGH with this training. From my first appointment, I was treated with such respect and understanding. I had felt like no one would believe me because so many things were going on at once, but I was assured that these symptoms were consistent with head trauma. Lucas was so knowledgeable about everything we were doing and why we were doing it. He explained things to me in a way I could understand. Other therapists worked with me as well and I felt my care was always consistent. The whole Physical Therapy department has a very friendly atmosphere, making it more enjoyable when you are hurting! It's easy to make appointments and you get a reminder call. I am happy we have this level of help and rehabilitation right here in Alliance. I happily recommend it to everyone I know." -Bonnie Twogood

"Great therapists, got me where I needed to be and further. I even got training on using equipment in the gym so I can continue to build needed strength. The exercises I have been given to do at home will help so much on snow days." - Bruce Porter

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
"This has been very helpful and informative for me. I have learned about isolating muscle control and am very pleased with my progress" - Anonymous

"Unfortunately I have had four occasions to be prescribed rehabilitation visits in the past several years, both for Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. Although I never enjoy the thought of rehab, the staff at BBGH make the experience as easy and stress-free as possible. There is such a team approach from the minute I call for my initial appointment through 'Graduation' from rehab. The facility has incredible equipment and cleanliness is a top priority. Each team member is so respectful, conscientious, and pleasant. Whether scheduling, making appointment changes, being offered water upon arrival, receiving consultation, or intense treatments, the experience is A+." -Beth Forney


Disclaimer: All patients signed release forms allowing this information to be shared.