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Trampoline Safety Tips

Trampoline jumping is a popular recreational activity for kids (and adults).  As its popularity has increased so has the number of trampoline related injuries.  Hospital emergency departments are treating increasing numbers of trampoline-related injuries each year. The costs of medical, legal, insurance and disability expenses is staggering. Injuries are significant among all ages.

Always remember the following safety tips:

  • Trampolines should not be used for unsupervised recreational activity.
  • The trampoline-jumping surface should be placed at ground level.
  • Competent adult supervision and instruction is needed for children at all times.
  • Only one person should use a trampoline at any time.
  • Trampoline enclosures may help prevent injuries from falls off trampoline.
  • Spotters should be present when participants are jumping. Somersaults or high-risk maneuvers should be avoided without proper supervision and instruction; these maneuvers should be done only with proper use of protective equipment, such as a harness.
  • The supporting bars, strings and surrounding landing surfaces should have adequate protective padding.
  • Equipment should be checked regularly for safety conditions.
  • Safety net enclosures may give a false sense of security – most injuries occur on the trampoline surface.
  • Trampolines are not recommended for children under 6 years of age.
  • Make sure trampoline ladders are removed after use to prevent unsupervised access by young children.