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February Employee of the Month

Congratulations to our February Employee of the Month, Registration Clerk

Stacey Petrachek!

Thanks for all you do Stacey, we appreciate your hard work and especially your compassion! 
Stacey's nomination reads: 

“Excellence in everything Stacey does to keep MSC going and the responsibility she takes
on to keep every provider and schedule running, it is truly a lot and she does it all with excellence. Stacey is a perfectionist in her work ethic. She takes on a lot that no one is truly aware of. The verification referrals for the MSC are a heavy load. I applaud and want to recognize her for all the effort she puts in the position of admissions to the MSC as well as her admission position to the patients that she admits daily. Her tasks are a lot and I would like to recognize her responsibility of all she does, does not go unnoticed. She goes above and beyond. This is what BBGH is about in patient care and she does it well.”