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July Employee of the Month

Congratulations to our July Employee of the Month, Mandy Greve, It Manager! Read her nomination here:

"IT is the Central Nervous System of the hospital and Mandy is the IT manager. Each of us who works at BBGH has a sense that IT always has our backs. Especially during "GO LIVE" we are (or ought to be) aware of how important IT is to our daily function. Mandy has put in many extra hours to make this go smoothly. I think of how challenging it is for individuals just to learn pieces of Meditech and imagine what it must be like for Mandy and IT to keep us all informed and helped. I have noticed Mandy moving quickly and quietly through the hallways to trouble shoot. Her entire staff has been wonderful throughout the process. As head of IT, I think the "GO LIVE" month is a time to recognize how helpful and patient Mandy, as well as her department, have been during this very critical and challenging time. Mandy and her team are unquestionably the standouts this month as our guides on this learning curve."