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The Traveling Trophy Goes to...

Congratulations to this month's Traveling Trophy recipient, the Safety Department! The Wellness Center team passed the trophy along saying:

"James and Beth work hard to assist us in the security and safety of the Wellness Center. Our policy is that we will activate 24 hr. access fobs within the first 24 hours after a member has completes an orientation. We have rarely had a situation where it hasn't happened within hours of passing the Safety Department along the information. James and Beth work hard to ensure our members have the access they need to come to the Wellness Center. Although this may seem like a small task, it directly impacts the memberships and attractiveness of our Wellness Center and ultimately the revenue we bring in. 

Additionally, James and Beth work hard to ensure we are compliant with safety and equipment standards. They're behind the scenes work is important to the entire hospital to ensure that we can continue our day to day operations. 

We appreciate everything James and Beth do for us directly as a department but also for the rest of the organization. Thank you for keeping us and our members safe and secure."