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October Employee of the Month

Congratulations to our October Employee of the Month, Physical Therapist Abby Grosse-Rhode! Read her nomination here:

"I have worked with Abby for a couple years now, and I am confident in saying that she shares the exact same courtesy and respect to her co-workers as she does with her patients. With her care, she is mindful of every element of safety and will walk through certain unique precautions with anybody who assists her with patient care. I feel like this is very reassuring to the patients under her care. In addition to this emphasis on safety, Abby displays her devotion to every patient by not only doing extra legwork and research while they are under her care, but also by ensuring that the patient is discharged with an understanding of every available resource for continuing care, much of which she investigates and passes along herself! I and others appreciate every day we get to work alongside Abby."