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The Traveling Trophy Goes to...

Congratulations to this month's Traveling Trophy recipient, the GNMSS Billing Office team! The Patient Financial Services team passed along the trophy saying:

"PFS would like to honor the GNMSS Billing Office with the Traveling Trophy.

The billing team at the GNMSS Clinic has been a huge help to all of us in PFS during the Meditech conversion. We know we can always count on them to collaborate with us through our many processes. They never hesitate to help, and our teams work very well together. In addition to the conversion, we have gone through a lot of staffing changes in our department, and their assistance has significantly helped keep finances flowing. They have expertise that we greatly value, but more than anything- we truly appreciate their teamwork spirit.

Through all of the challenges and changes, we appreciate their willingness to work with us for the best outcomes for GNMSS and BBGH!"