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December Employee of the Month

Congratulations to our December Employee of the Month, Madison Trout, LPN! You can read her nomination here:

"I would like to nominate Madison Trout for EOM because she exhibits the values of compassion and teamwork like no other! Every single day she shows up with a smile on her face, positive attitude, and ready to work. She is always first to arrive and gets things ready for the day. She helps any and every one. She is such a hard worker and you can always find her busy doing something. She never says "that's not my job", "that's not my patient", or simply "no, I can't or won't help you." I have never worked alongside someone so dedicated to teamwork as much as Madison! She spends the entire day helping everyone in need and even offers her assistance to those who don’t ask. Madison also shines with compassion. She feels so much for patients and coworkers. Any time I have been sick she has text or called me to see if I need anything and to simply check on me. I have seen her hold patients’ hands when they are worried, comfort a sick and crying baby and mom and then shed tears for that sick baby when they get the diagnosis. She takes her time with patients and families to make sure they feel comfortable and understand what is going on. Madi has such a huge and caring heart. Nobody deserves to be recognized more than she does! She is often hard on herself and I want her to see how amazing we think she is. I want her to know she is truly amazing at what she does and she is appreciated more than she will ever know. Please consider this amazing nurse for employee of the month! Thank you, Madison, for being you!!"