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January Employee of the Month!

Congratulations to our January Employee of the Month, Pharmacist Jeffery Kildow! Read his nomination here:


"I believe that Jeffery Kildow should be the EOM. He is so devoted to his line of work in the Pharmacy. He shows exceptional safety in reviewing patients’ medications. Whether it be home medications, medications interacting, correct doses, correct stop dates, given at proper times etc. He doesn’t just show up to do a job. He has compassion and care in the work that is done. I have seen him dig into a few cases where he finds the root cause of a patient’s admission to actually be a side effect/cause from medications that the patient was on at home. He does this work on his own because he cares, not because someone asked him to. I have seen him in emergent situations be able to think and act quickly. He is also a good reference book at any time, very willing to help out with any questions. He is definitely a professional in his position. His integrity in what he does is bar-none. I appreciate having someone like this working beside me. I feel I can carry out my duties knowing that he is covering the other side diligently. He is a perfect asset to BBGH and should be acknowledged for all his hard work. It has not gone unnoticed or appreciated!