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February Employee of the Month

Congratulations to our February Employee of the Month, Purchasing Assistant Mindy Pfannenstiel! Read her nomination here:

"I'd like to nominate Mindy Pfannenstiel for February Employee of the Month. Mindy is an outstanding employee and makes a positive impact on the team and throughout the hospital. She has amazing communication and teamwork skills that make the workplace a positive environment. Mindy is always willing to share ideas or help come up with solutions when we have problems. She is a hard worker who is always willing to go above and beyond for her department and for the hospital. She's always willing to come in early or stay late to make sure things get done. She's willing to take on extra tasks and completes them as needed. Despite being busy, Mindy is always willing to lend a hand to her fellow coworkers to help make sure their tasks are done as well as her own. She is always there to lend an ear and advice as needed. Mindy shows dedication, compassion, devotion, and teamwork in her every day routine and for these reasons (and many more!) I nominate Mindy for February Employee of the Month."