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March Employee of the Month

Congratulations to our March Employee of the Month, Staff Nurse Trevor Ridenour! Check out his three nominations below:

“Trevor is always willing to help anyone and everyone. He does everything with a smile. Trevor is very aware of what is happening and always explains what he is doing to people who want to learn. The days that we have students they can always count on Trevor to teach them something new. The patients always brag about him and never fail to mention how well he does. He is very outgoing and brightens up every room. To know Trevor is to love Trevor. Trevor is a role model to all of the new nurses.”

“I am nominating Trevor for his compassion and devotion when we have nursing students on the floor. He makes sure everyone is as involved as they can be, and when there is something that he thinks is a good learning experience, he goes out of his way to find the students to see if they would like to participate. He is always attentive when the students are asking questions and is always quick to answer. He is doing this all while he is still doing his own job and helping other co-workers. Trevor is a good example for the students and shows them what being a nurse is really about!”

“I nominate Trevor Ridenour up on the patient care unit for Employee of the Month. Trevor is very compassionate in his ability to do what is right for the patient. He always puts patients before himself. No matter what the patient load is, I’ve never seen him overwhelmed. If I ever need someone to help me out, Trevor is always there to help. His teamwork ethic is so outstanding. He always has a positive attitude and a bright smile. Trevor’s dedication in what he does truly sets an example for many oncoming employees to BBGH. I’ve heard it for many patients as well his devotion and integrity are just beyond and above. I believe Trevor deserves to be chosen! Trevor never forget your value! Excellence, safety, integrity, devotion, compassion, teamwork is always the dream work!!”