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Clinic Policy Changes

Dear patients,

I write to you to introduce some important changes coming to our clinic and hospital policies as we strive to fulfill our vision of being the greatest place to receive care, to work, and to practice medicine. Within the coming months we will implement several changes aimed at improving our services and patient experience. These changes include revisiting old policies and creating new ones to enhance our response time to patient calls and streamline our processes.

We are dedicated to improving timely, compassionate, and effective care. We recognize some days the wait-times are long, the check-in process can be frustrating, and same-day access can be limited. We aim to improve check-in and response time to calls, and we are recruiting more providers.  

With these goals, we ask for your cooperation, patience, and timeliness. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early for appointments to ensure there is enough time for the check-in process. We also ask that same-day appointments be focused on one health concern in order to expedite your care and ensure fellow patients get the time they need with the provider. We also want to remind patients of our 10-minute late policy: Anyone later than 10 minutes will need to reschedule for another day.

Furthermore, we are reforming our chronic pain policy to include a signed contract for patients requiring higher doses of opioids to control their pain. These patients will sign quarterly contracts, take regular drug tests, and follow refill procedure. Our aim is to ensure safe and responsible opioid use while providing effective pain relief. Requests for refills of opioids will only be accepted Monday through Thursday. Allow 72 hours for the prescription to be filled. This allows time for providers and staff to review care plans appropriately and ensure all State and Federal regulations are followed. Additionally, as part of our commitment to combat the opioid crisis, Narcan will be prescribed alongside opioids for patient safety.

Lastly, there has been an increase in violence and disruptive behavior in healthcare settings aimed specifically at healthcare workers. BBGH makes every effort to improve the patient experience and ensure we continue to be a safe and enjoyable place to work and receive care. I urge both healthcare staff and patients to approach interactions with patience and kindness. Disruptive and aggressive behavior will not be tolerated by staff, patients, or family members. Going forward, reports or witnessed disruptive behavior may result in patients being discharged from BBGH clinics. Staff will be reprimanded or dismissed. It is crucial that we all treat each other with respect and understanding.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. It is an honor to serve the patients of Box Butte General Hospital. We are committed to working together with our staff and patients to make BBGH the premier destination for healthcare and community wellness.


Brian Shelmadine DO, PhD, CSCS, CAQSM                                     Lori Mazanec MHA, ACHE
Chief Medical Officer                                                                          Chief Executive Officer